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 towashin ring jutsu's and his new eye jutsu

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PostSubject: towashin ring jutsu's and his new eye jutsu   Mon Sep 29, 2008 11:29 am

1)ring of the shining moon
3)towashin uses the moons powers and makes his body as cold/colder than pluto its self he can freeze people and break them apart

1)ring of the rising sun
3)towashin body tempature will rise higher than any heat you can think of he will burn a enemy till that enemy is no more

1)neo-rinnengan lvl 2
3)towashin can freeze peoples insides and heat them as wellhe can control plant life and animal with his eyes (note* towashin only has this doujutsu no one else and this is the last level of the neo-rinnengan so no one else can learn this)
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towashin ring jutsu's and his new eye jutsu
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