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 Snow/ice , crystal and water jutsu's

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PostSubject: Snow/ice , crystal and water jutsu's   Tue Jan 20, 2009 12:49 pm

1)snow wolf jutsu
3)forms snow in to wolfs trampling the foe

1)ice clone jutsu
3)when a clone is hit it temporarily freezes the enemy

1)snow avalache
3)snow comes out of no where and crashes down on the foe

1)frost bite
3)towashins sharp teeth turn to ice and when ht bites some one they start freezing from the inside out

1)water dragon
3)towashin forms a dragon out of water to attack the enemy

1)tsunami tiran
3)towashin takes most of the water in his body and forms it into a tsunami injuring him along with his enemy

1)crystal weaponry
3)towashin makes any weapon out of rock solid crystal

1)crystal shield
3)towashin covers himself in refelctive crystal shields
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Snow/ice , crystal and water jutsu's
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