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In this forum you can make up a character or be a cannon character. Work your way up from academy student or leave your village to roam as a missing-nin or even betray your village for a life in the Akatsuki. Its you life as a shinobi, you decide!
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 Gale Uchiha

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Gale Uchiha

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PostSubject: Gale Uchiha   Sat Mar 14, 2009 4:09 pm

Name:Gale Uchiha



Gender: male


Ninja Rank:wander


Personality:Quiet like Itachi and act like asuma

Special Characteristics:6 tailed


Skills/Specialties: Taijutsu, Ninjutsu,


History/Background Story:Gale is the son of Inzuma Uchiha.
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Character sheet
Chakra level:
2500/5000  (2500/5000)
demon: Kyuubi

PostSubject: Re: Gale Uchiha   Mon Mar 16, 2009 2:22 pm

add more to the history atleast have one signature jutsu choose one of the opposing villages and a little bit more detail in the personality and then your approved
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Gale Uchiha
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