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 my new jutsu's

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PostSubject: my new jutsu's   Mon Apr 06, 2009 12:17 pm

3)this jutsu creates and illusion of the persons life long dream but then the illusion tears the dream apart hurting the user physically and mentally

3)this jutsu allows towashin to summon a clone of the nine-tailed fox with equal power of the original and the fox is under towashin's control each turn towashin keeps this jutsu on he loose 1,000,000 hp points and 1,000 chakra points

1)sheezu sampai
3)the sheezu sampai activates towashin's inner self along with his teamates innerselves and depeneding on the teamates mood the more the inner self changes the power and the appearence

3)this genjutsu puts towashin's teamates in a trans-like state that heals them with his hp

3)towashin towashin takes a sample of blood from his opponent and gives it to a clone he conjures up towashin does whatever to the clone abd in return the opponent feels the samething but the user gets a seal on him/her thats seals of all chakra for 3 turns and the user can only summon shadow clones the jutsu is still active for atleast 3-4 turns

3)towashin unlocks his last chakra gate bringing all of his life down to 1 his power increases 10 fold along with his speed and defense and his body will be covered in chakra which really doesn't do anything it is just for show

1)weeping willow
3)towashin pain in his heart causes physical damage to others

1)kyuubi rage lv 1
3)towashin grows a tail long claws and power raises along with speed

1)kyuubi rage lv 2
3)towa grows 2 tails sharper claws fangs and all stats raise and he gets ears

1)kyuubi rage lv3
3)towa grows 3 tails csabertooth fangs and all stats raises ten fold

1)kyuubi rage lv4
3)towa's life reaches to .5 and his chakra goes down with one huge kyuubi explosion
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my new jutsu's
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