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 Towashin mia takasho

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PostSubject: Towashin mia takasho   Wed Apr 08, 2009 8:42 am

Name:Towashin mia takasho


Looks:the same photo also holds to katana's black blades


Village:ascendent of leaf descendent of atastuki

Ninja Rank:sannin


Personality:cold hearted lonely gives cold stares and says harsh things will kill his friends if they get in his way and will not loose until his friends die

Special Characteristics:redish black chakra


Skills/Specialties: Genjutsu, Kenjutsu, Weaponry

3)this jutsu creates and illusion of the persons life long dream but then the illusion tears the dream apart hurting the user physically and mentally

3)this jutsu allows towashin to summon a clone of the nine-tailed fox with equal power of the original and the fox is under towashin's control each turn towashin keeps this jutsu on he loose 1,000,000 hp points and 1,000 chakra points

1)sheezu sampai
3)the sheezu sampai activates towashin's inner self along with his teamates innerselves and depeneding on the teamates mood the more the inner self changes the power and the appearence

3)this genjutsu puts towashin's teamates in a trans-like state that heals them with his hp

3)towashin towashin takes a sample of blood from his opponent and gives it to a clone he conjures up towashin does whatever to the clone abd in return the opponent feels the samething but the user gets a seal on him/her thats seals of all chakra for 3 turns and the user can only summon shadow clones the jutsu is still active for atleast 3-4 turns

3)towashin unlocks his last chakra gate bringing all of his life down to 1 his power increases 10 fold along with his speed and defense and his body will be covered in chakra which really doesn't do anything it is just for show

1)weeping willow
3)towashin pain in his heart causes physical damage to others

1)kyuubi rage lv 1
3)towashin grows a tail long claws and power raises along with speed

1)kyuubi rage lv 2
3)towa grows 2 tails sharper claws fangs and all stats raise and he gets ears

1)kyuubi rage lv3
3)towa grows 3 tails csabertooth fangs and all stats raises ten fold

1)kyuubi rage lv4
3)towa's life reaches to .5 and his chakra goes down with one huge kyuubi explosion

1)snow wolf jutsu
3)forms snow in to wolfs trampling the foe

1)ice clone jutsu
3)when a clone is hit it temporarily freezes the enemy

1)snow avalache
3)snow comes out of no where and crashes down on the foe

1)frost bite
3)towashins sharp teeth turn to ice and when ht bites some one they start freezing from the inside out

1)water dragon
3)towashin forms a dragon out of water to attack the enemy

1)tsunami tiran
3)towashin takes most of the water in his body and forms it into a tsunami injuring him along with his enemy

1)crystal weaponry
3)towashin makes any weapon out of rock solid crystal

1)crystal shield
3)towashin covers himself in refelctive crystal shields

1)optomental darkness
3)towashin eyes turn pure black as he falls over his soul comes out of him and covers the user in darkness causing internal bleeding for the user an external/internal and life cut inhalf for towashin

1)tree toppling death
3)towashin traps the user in an unescapable genjutsu that has trees fall ontop of the user

1)quadruple blade cut
3)towashin grows 2 tails both of his tails take 2 swords while he takes the other 2 they glow with enormous power and in an instant he runs the the user with tremendous speed and nearly cuts the user (this attack is more stronger when done with clones)

1)ice shard shower
3)towashin cuts himself and throws his blood in the air and does the same thing as flare bomb but with ice

1)flare bomb shower
3)towashin cuts him self and throws his blood in the air when he does this the blood becomes massivley huge and turns into black fire balls crushing the opponent

1)dark smoke smog
3)towashin surrounds the are in toxic gas this attack is only a gas if towashin uses it along with flare or ice shower

History/Background Story:after towashins long days in the hospital he has now learned how to process the kyuubi's power in a way to feed on it for health and strength his only dream in life now is to kill kaleb and reclaim no weak spots as now he will be avenged for his friend trying to kill him, but now it is time for towashin to put nonsense away and do what is right Smile
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Towashin mia takasho
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