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 Akuma the Oracle

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PostSubject: Akuma the Oracle   Fri May 08, 2009 10:06 am

Name: Akuma

Age: Unknown

Looks: Avatar

Gender: Male

Village: Yami

Ninja Rank: Meikage

Clan: Yami/Oraci

Personality: Can be very mysterious. His anget flares up when he is insulted or wronged

Special Characteristics:

Ring of Planes
Akuma has a ring, and the seal can be turned. Around the seal, in silver, are several roman numerals

I - the plane of Fire
II - the Plane of Water
III - the Plane of Wind
IV - the Plane of Earth
V - the Plane of Ink
VI - the Plane of Lightning
VII - the Plane of Plants
VIII - the Plane of Death
IX - the Plane of Death
X - the Plane of Infinity

Each allows Akuma to summon a different spirit, but he can only hold them in for so long, as it takes off of his chakra. The Plane of Infinity will Kill Akuma to use. It gives him, for a short while, infinite power. But it works off of his life force. So he will inevitably die. The X Numeral will not appear unless it is needed, which is written by the fates, as once. In eternity. Once used, the user will die, and although the ring survives, to the next in line in Akumas clan, the X Digit will be a burned out space, and will never be used again. When Akuma found the ring, on the border between life and death, earth and the gods, sin, and divinity, there was a message glowing on the rock he took the wring off of.

"X shall come. X shall destroy the earth. X will come in a time of great need, when all seek to destroy all. The world shall rebuild, but X shall not. Though X shall leave its mark."

Akuma had no idea what it meant. But Understood it would be monumental.

Element(s):(Pick 1 or 2: Wind, Lightning

Skills/Specialties: Ninjutsu

Name: Strings of the universe
Rank: S
Description: Akuma can see the very fibers that the universe is made of. He can use them to control it. Touch a tree fiber to affect the trees growth, tough a mans fiber to break his spine. But the catch is, he must go into concentration to affect any other ninja, in which time they could block it. The jutsu works off of the power of the universe, which is infinite

Name: Destiny of the Past
Rank: B
Description: Akuma can see the pain in a ninjas past. He can bring the people back in an illusion. To haunt them.

Name: Destiny of the Future
Rank: C
Description: Akuma can see a ninjas future, and what will happen in it

Name: Ink
Rank: B
Description: Akuma can manipulate, turn into and use ink

History/Background Story:

Akuma was on a training mission, when he was ambushed by enemies. An entire army of them. He fought off about 300 of the 1000, but was killed. He should have gone to hell. But he didnt. Something happened. He was caught between divinity and sin. Something in him was pure and good. While in this pergatory, he found the ring. As soon as he touched it, he was teleported back, to earth. The army was leaving. Akuma defeated another 200 when they noticed him, and was about to die, when he ftripped, and the wrings seal shifted. A massive fire elemental was summoned, and it destroyed the men. Akuma was astonished. He fell into a fitful sleep and while asleep, he was granted a glimpse of the book of fate, as written by the gods themselves. Akuma read it, and became somewhat of a demigod. He went back to his village, an entity of neutraility

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Akuma the Oracle
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