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 Announcement: Key Words

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PostSubject: Announcement: Key Words   Sun Jun 07, 2009 2:22 pm

Key Terms (For Jutsu):

Note: For all prevention of attacks (Burned, Paralyzed, Stunned), the target may use any technique that effects him/herself that they think will disable the prevention. If the ability does not end the prevention of the attack, the ability has no effect.

Paralyzed: The paralyzed target/area may not move or attack. Paralization can cause limbs to be paralyzed. If the neck or head is paralyzed, the whole body is considered paralyzed. If the shoulder or top of a leg is paralyzed, the rest of the arm or leg is paralyzed.

Stunned: The target may not move or attack.

The area that is burned looses control of the muscles in the area, and that area is considered paralyzed. If the eyes are hit, the target will be considered temporarily blind.

Temporary Blindness: Causes the target to be blind, temporarily. During this time, the target may not see, making attacks have only a high chance of missing the target. 80% chance to not hit the target, and a 12% chance to hit an ally. If the target is talking or making noise that the character can hear, reduce the miss chance by 30%.

Crippled: Target has lost 70% or more of one or more stats. If a target is crippled, they can not do major actions that involve more movement than a simple raise of a hand, adjusting of a leg, or tilting of the head. The target may not stand if a stat that crippled the target is attack, may not move if it's speed, and looses all bonuses gained by weapons and armor if it's defense.

Post Duration: If a jutsu has a post duration, that duration is equal to each of the target of the jutsu's postings.

Thread Duration:
Every thread the target is included in counts as a thread. Thread duration effects occur at the end of every thread, or after 12 posts total (of all in the thread).

Don't agree? Have more? Feel free to add comments or more key words as a reply (admins only)

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Announcement: Key Words
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