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In this forum you can make up a character or be a cannon character. Work your way up from academy student or leave your village to roam as a missing-nin or even betray your village for a life in the Akatsuki. Its you life as a shinobi, you decide!
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 Custom Organizations Template

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PostSubject: Custom Organizations Template   Sun Jun 07, 2009 11:31 pm

Name: (Name of the organization)
History: (History of the organization)
Founder: (Founder of the organization)
Physical Characteristics: (Optional. Things about the clan physcially that set them apart, ex. Akatsuki Cloaks, Staw hats with bells dangling off every inch of the hats)
Other Characteristics: (Optional. Things about the clan that set them apart, ex. Large amounts of chakra, always have kekei genkai, have curse seals, etc.)
Requirements to join: (Any requirements to join posted under this)
Superobjective(s): (The goals of the organization)

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Custom Organizations Template
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