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 Hibari, Kyoya {W.I.P}

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Kyoya Hibari

Kyoya Hibari

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PostSubject: Hibari, Kyoya {W.I.P}   Fri Apr 16, 2010 11:36 am

General Information

Name: Hibari, Kyoya

Alias: Hibari, Guardian of Cloud

Rank: Raikage

Age: 19

Village: Cloud


Hibari has deep black hair that falls down his face. It goes over his eyes a bit but he usually parts it making it fall around them. His eyes are a deep greyish color as well his face is a muscular thin. His hair goes down his sides coming to the bottom region of his head. His hair in the back barely makes it to the midway point of his neck, it’s spikey but not upwards, it spikes towards the direction that gravity takes it.

Physically, Hibari is very muscular, his body is made up of really only muscle, thinner bones and very little extra skin. He has trained his body physically to keep it in that condition and is often found training. His face is well structured like the rest of his body.

Clothing wise, Hibari has a different sense than many others. He usually is found in black slacks not really made for ninjas. He wears nice black shoes that look rather formal than anything else. Covering his chest he has a plain white long sleeve formal t-shirt with a tie around it. Over that he has a nice vest that is usually a redish color. Though his outfit and attire are nothing for a ninja, he works well in them and refuses to take them off.

A little extra note is that on his left arm, Hibari wears a the symbol for the cloud village. It’s where his headband is worn and he casually doesn’t hide it or anything.

Hibari’s attitude is straightforward and he’s also very rude. His attitude is not one at all that shows kindness to others. He is very anti-social and he does not like hanging out with anybody. He is usually lonely and it is not something that he dislikes, in fact, Hibari thrives on his anti-social times.

Hibari is known for having a great pride for Cloud. He’d gladly kill someone who tries to take down Cloud or disrespect the rules set down in the village. He takes pride in his village and is often sound whistling a version of the anthem that he came up with himself. He is not really moody, he just doesn’t pay attention to anybody because all he cares about is being the strongest and taking down anybody who thinks they can win. He sees many people as less than him and very few can be on the top of his standards when it comes to their level of strength and such.
Hibari is known for tending to be overly violent. Even if a situation does not call for violence, it is usual for Hibari to create some sort of action that will lead to such an event.

Hibari, has a connection with birds and he enjoys activities or special event days around Cloud. He enjoys his birth and how he is part of that area, he finds great pride in his origin and he will fight for it. Hibari only really shows any sort of kindness towards one thing which happens to be a small bird that he met when he was younger. The bird was used by an enemy ninja once, but he had managed to teach the bird his ways, the bird took a liking to him and started following Hibari. It got the nickname, “Hibird” and it is usually with him. Hibari is known for using a certain phrase before or even during a fight, it’s one that he’s claimed as his own and he uses it to tick off his opponents or just let them know that he plans on killing them. “I’ll bite you to death.”

Character's Suberobjective: Hibari only wishes to destroy everybody in his path and become the strongest so that he can enforce the rules and protect his precious village.

Clan Information
Clan Name:Hibari Clan

Kekkai Genkai: Cloud's Dying Will

Clan History:
The Hibari clan is a special clan that makes weapon's and have special abilities that allows them to draw out their dying will. They are also master weapon makers. Able to make a weapon with many hidden compartments.

The Hibari clan was formed by a man who had the nick name of Guardian of Cloud. He was said to have control of every Dying will flame, meaning he could use all types of chakra. He developed special pills to make ordinary clan members able to use their dying will. He later developed many different types of weapons to be used with each kind of flame. The Hibari clan where always the ones who made sure law breakers got what they deserved. Many of them worked in the Disciplinary Committee for Cloud, keeping track of unwanted groupings and other things like traitors. Kyoya is thought to be a desendant of the first Hibari, hence his idea of being the new Guardian of Cloud.

Fighting Styles/Elements

Character Element:

Main: Lightning

Sub: Fire

Advanced Element: Plasma

Main Jutsu Type: Ninjusu, Taijutsu, and Weaponry

Background and RP Sample

As a young child Hibari was born into the Cloud village. He was part of the clan known as the Hibari clan. Their clan was well known for being part of the disciplinary group that dealt with traitors or prisoners who information was needed from. The Hibari clan was great at finding as well punishing these people. As a child he was not like many others. Unlike most of the Hibari children, who aspire to become great ninjas and use their skills on missions, even in his household and hanging out with the other children, Hibari was making sure that the rules were kept in order. If the children broke the rules at the playground, unlike most kids and overlooking this, or even not caring, Hibari would make sure that they all got the right punishment. Death. Though, Hibari would not actually kill the kids, he made sure to rough them up... a lot. He continued on this path as his life progressed. By the age of 7 he was already making sure that the right portion of food was being handed out at home, and even around the streets if anybody littered or did some so unimaginable as that, Hibari was the first to give them the proper scolding.
Hibari focused on the rules of Cloud as he grew up. When he was in the academy he remembered to follow all the rules and would do everything within his power to not break a single one. His sense of justice was right along that of Cloud’s and he found great pleasure in saying that Cloud was his rightful home and that it was the strongest village ever. Though it might have just been his delusion as a child, he strongly believed that what Cloud’s laws stated was absolute. He grew up learning the rules and such and would make sure that they were memorized in his head. If not? Well, Hibari made sure to show everybody around that he was not going to stand back and let them have their way while laws were in order. Many people were, “Bit to death”.

Though, Hibari passed through the academy with flying colors, his attitude and the way he “ran” things caused him to be anti-social and nobody really wanted to hang out with him. He was not a teachers pet at all, considering he would bring it up with many of their sensei’s if they had “Given inaccurate directions” or perhaps was teaching, “Jutsu’s not allowed for their level.” Many disliked Hibari for the justice that he had inside him, but reather than putting up with it, Hibari would rather instill fear into those people and let them walk away. As long as they were weak (which many were seen to be in his eyes) he had no bother getting into an issue with them. Only if they broke one of the rules would they inflict Hibari’s wrath.

Hibari has grown in power and is now seen with the previous Cloud Guardian's ring he got as a chunnin carried around his neck. His primary weapon has become a special tonfa that he made thanks to his clans ability. Not only is he known for this, but his little bird that helps him out, Hibird, is now almost always on his shoulder. Hibari only wishes to destroy everybody in his path and become the strongest so that he can enforce the rules like his clan should be doing to this day. Hibari became the Raikage to ensure that everyone would follow the rules.

RP Sample:
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PostSubject: Re: Hibari, Kyoya {W.I.P}   Sun Sep 26, 2010 3:14 pm

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Hibari, Kyoya {W.I.P}
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