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 shinron destruction the forbidden jutsu

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PostSubject: shinron destruction the forbidden jutsu   Sun Mar 29, 2009 6:13 pm

its just like peins forbiden jutsu but its like its a spiky ball of bone with fire and lightning chakra all around it which after it gets big it blows up angthing within a 100 feet radius

remember this jutsu is forbidden i must never use this unless i fight a tailed beast or the village is in danger

doton-shuriken-just like naruto's rasenshuriken but its modified with lightning based chakra and is much stronger but i dont get hurt like him because i brung it to the next level

double-doton-shuriken just liike the top one but one of the shurikens is with fire based chakra and this hurts my arms a little bit and it uses alot of my chakra

and these hit accurcy is 95% so i hardly ever mess
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shinron destruction the forbidden jutsu
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